Made with intention

In Los Angeles, California

We offer comfortable, modern, upscale footwear for powerful women – ethically handcrafted in our boutique Los Angeles, CA factory. At BLOOM, we design and produce with intention, creating high quality, comfort-driven footwear that will withstand the test of time, both in style and construction. 

We know comfort


As a female-owned brand, we are dedicated to creating footwear that is both stunning and wearable. Our custom-made 10mm foam insoles provide unparalleled all-day comfort, so you can look good and FEEL good day-in and day-out, season after season.


Longevity Over Trends

BLOOM shoes are sustainably made in our small batch, earth-minded production model that helps us avoid waste from overproduction and lighten our impact on the planet. We aim to empower consumers to value longevity over trends, putting an end to the cycle of waste within the fast fashion industry.

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